Best spots in Menorca

Are you planning to rent a boat in Menorca but don’t know which are the most beautiful spots? Here we give you a list of those areas that you cannot miss if you want to experience this wonderful island in all its splendor.

1. Isla del aire

Did you know that the first point where the sun rises in Spain is in Menorca? Well, what better plan than to spend the night on the well-known islet of Menorca just one nautical mile away and wake up to see the sunrise. It is a place with high biological value. On the island, you can see an endemic black lizard, known as sargantana negra, which is capable of changing the color of its skin to blend in with the habitat around it, as well as abundant vegetation resistant to salt and winds that give the islet its name. A completely intimate and wild plan with full contact with nature and Balearic fauna.

2. Cala Rafalet

Although its name indicates otherwise, it is not a typical cove, but rather a narrow entrance of the sea to the coast. A path of rocks where you can enjoy its trails and caves. Jump from the rocks and dive into the crystal-clear water to enjoy beautiful marine life. Being a virgin, rocky, and difficult-to-access cove, it becomes a very intimate and peaceful place. It can be accessed by boat, but as it is a very narrow bay, it must be anchored outside.

3. Es Caló Blanc

It is the smallest beach in Menorca, so people usually settle on the rocks. Its turquoise color typical of the south coast of the island makes one believe that they are bathing in a pool. It is not a beach that can be easily accessed by boat, as the fact that the water is so clean and crystal clear is due, no more and no less, to the surrounding posidonia fields, on which it is forbidden to anchor. Be careful if you do not want to face an administrative sanction for this reason.

4. Cala Morell

It is a beautiful cove in the north of the island where its main tourist attraction is that it is next to one of the most important prehistoric necropolises on the island. It consists of 14 artificially excavated caves in the cliffs and used as a cemetery in the pre-talayotic period. It has free access and the visit, although it depends on each person, usually lasts between 40 minutes and an hour. Being located on a coastal cliff becomes a spectacular landscape that you cannot hesitate to visit.

5. Cala Pilar

Is a pristine beach located in the north of the island. Due to its difficult access, it becomes a private and perfect place to anchor by boat, as long as you take care of the reef and islet. It is a beach full of contrasts with its pink clay and crystal clear waters, as well as being surrounded by a lush forest. Just a few minutes from Macar d’Alfurinet, a beach formed by enormous stones that the sea has eroded into round and pink shapes.