37th America’s Cup Barcelona

The America’s Cup is a prestigious sailing yacht race that has traditionally been held in different locations and on different dates over the years.

This event involves teams from different countries competing in a series of races to determine the winner. Teams design and build highly specialised and aerodynamic yachts to achieve maximum speed on the water. The competition is conducted in a challenger format, where the defending team faces off against the challengers in a series of races to determine who takes the trophy.

The 37th edition of the America’s Cup is scheduled to take place in Barcelona in the period August to October 2024. The event will take place around the Port Vell and along the beach to the Port Olímpic. The 2024 event will be the 37th edition in the history of the competition and will feature the best sailors and sailing teams from around the world.

The choice of Barcelona as host is due to its modern port and first-class sailing facilities. As well as the favourable sailing weather conditions that characterise the period between August and October. The team seeking to defend its title in 2024 is Emirates Team New Zealand. This edition of the America’s Cup promises to be an exciting sporting spectacle as teams compete for victory in one of the world’s most prestigious sailing competitions.

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